From Rockbridge County,

Lexington & Buena Vista, Virginia

Rockbridge Arts Guild

If You Are an Artist 
or an Art Lover, 
Lexington is a 
Great place to be. 
Why? Here are 
just a few reasons:

Downtown Lexington has Seven Art Venues 
Annual Downtown Arts Block Party
County-wide Annual Studio Tour
Monthly First Friday Gallery Openings
Washington & Lee University 
Artist Series
Rockbridge Arts Guild Sponsored:
    Annual Art of the Green
    Annual Art Show at the Rockbridge Regional Fair   

Lexington is the home of:
    Painter Cy Twombly
    Photographer Sally Mann
    Painter Pierre Daura
And that’s just in the visual arts

2018 Rockbridge Regional Fair Art Show Winners

Front Row:  Karen Pannabecker, Kellie Nicely, Barbara Ferguson, Juli Black. Second Row:  Conrad Matiuk, John Winfrey, Jonah Squires, Dorothy Coker, Darin Docekal, Kathy Kvach, Suzanne LaPrade, Josephine McMurtry. Third Row:  Patrick Lanaghan, Devan Malore, Judith Presti, Gage Pooley, Alan Maurer, Michele Fletcher, Anne Weede.

Karen Pannabecker Wins Best In Show

Cascade by Karen Pannabecker, Oil

First Place, Oil


Anne Weede

Second Place, Oil

Field and Mountains

Dorothy Coker

Third Place, Oil


Kathy Kvach

Honorable Mention, Oil

Stand Alone

Dorothy Coker

Honorable Mention, Oil

Jump View

Wistie Jobe

Honorable Mention, Oil


Karen Pannabecker

Honorable Mention, Oil

Blue Pitcher

Karen Pannabecker

First Place, Watercolor

Untitled Birches

Alan Maurer

Second Place, Watercolor


Alan Maurer

Third Place, Watercolor

White and Pink Peonies

John Winfrey

Honorable Mention, Watercolor

Untitled Cliff & Trees

Alan Maurer

First Place, Acrylic

When Red Is Purple

Dave Brockway

Second Place, Acrylic

The Blues

Justin Ferguson

Third Place, Acrylic

Judy Presti

Spring Comes Softly

Honorable Mention, Acrylic

Boots on the Ground

Dave Brockway

Honorable Mention, Acrylic

Canoes on the River

Sharon Simkins

First Place, Photography

Goshen Pass Autumn

Michele Fletcher

Second Place, Photography

Hidden in Time

Patrick Lanaaghan

Third Place, Photography

That Wanaka Tree

Conrad Matiuk

Honorable Mention, Photography

Sunset in the U.P.

David McConnell

Honorable Mention, Photography

House Mountain Magic

Michele Fletcher

First Place, Pastel


Darin Docekel

Second Place, Pastel

Floral Arrangement in Glass

Dorothy Coker

Third Place, Pastel

Young Beachcomber

Nancy Jane

First Place, 3D

Dancing Ganesha

Devan Malore

Second Place, 3D

Preening Bay Swan

Michael Edwards

Third Place, 3D

Lex Main

Josh Ronnenberg

Honorable Mention, 3D

Searching for God

Patrick Lanaghan

First Place, Drawing

Walking the Walk

Josephine McMurtry

Second Place, Drawing

Untitled Portrait

Alan Maurer

Third Place, Drawing


Suzanne LaPrade

Honorable Mention, Drawing

What’s Up This Morning?

Josephine McMurtry

First Place, Mixed Media

Head Turner

Alan Maurer

Second Place, Mixed Media

So Happy Together

Constance Miller

Third Place, Mixed Media

Roseate Spoonbill

Kellie Nicely

Honorable Mention, Oil

Field and Pond

Dorothy Coker